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In the vibrant intersection of gospel tradition and contemporary hip-hop beats, Sainted emerges as a groundbreaking force. Led by DJ Fannie Mae and Grammy Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter Dennis Reed Jr., this immersive experience delves deep into the Southern church kid's world through music, cultural appreciation, fashion, and art. Think of it as the family reunion in your local hood after Sunday service with your grandma—Sainted is the bridge.


Sainted's career highlights reflect their trajectory to stardom. From accompanying Andra Day during this year's Super Bowl and performing at the Time 100 Gala alongside Fantasia, to achieving 4th runner-up in the season of AGT's Fantasy League after receiving the golden buzzer from Simon following a powerful rendition of Prince's "Purple Rain," they've left an indelible mark on the music scene. Opening for Janelle Monae’s "Age of Pleasure" tour, a duet with Sara Barellis, and their vocals featured on the Grammys during the Tina Turner tribute performed by Fantasia, underscore their journey of success.


From singing alongside Alicia Keys and a featured performance at the Red Bull Symphonic with Rick Ross to gracing the prestigious Lincoln Center with performances at the Spring Gala and Summer in the City, Sainted has consistently captivated audiences with their soulful performances.


At the heart of Sainted's allure is the 25+ person choir and star-studded band that promises an unforgettable experience. Grounded in the gospel music tradition, they highlight classic gospel and modern-day hip-hop artists, offering a musical journey that resonates deeply with its audience. In the realm of immersive musical experiences, Sainted stands unparalleled, inviting everyone to join this extraordinary celebration of Southern culture and music.

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